We offer the following types of seed paper:

Growing paper 90-100g/m²

Seed paper of 90-100g/m² is comparable in weight to an ordinary sheet of paper. It can be printed on 1 side as standard, but double-sided printing is possible in some cases. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

This growing paper is composed of 2 layers of recycled paper with seeds in between. The 2 layers are attached to each other with potato starch and carefully pressed together without damaging the seeds.

In terms of germination, this is an excellent paper. Due to the thinner paper, the seeds quickly come into contact with the moisture, so the germination process starts faster.

The paper is writable, but the seeds do make it more difficult.

Origin: Benelux

Production: mechanical

Seeds available

Field flowers, forget-me-not, herb mix, poppies, chilli peppers, lettuce, carots, strawberry

Growingcards 200g/m²

We have growing cards cards of 200g/m². The weight can be compared to a postcard. These seedpaper cards can be printed single- and double-sided. What makes this paper special is that it is made from recycled cotton fibres. You can also feel this in the texture. If you look very closely, you will notice that there is a small grid structure in the paper. This is due to its manufacture via hand-scooping with a sieve.

Production: India

Production: handmade

Seeds available

Field flowers

Growingcards premium 250g/m²

The 250g/m² growing cards are based on premium bloom paper from South Africa. This handmade paper based on 100% recycled paper fibres has a flatter side and a side with more grain structure. This paper also has a social side: by buying this paper, you support a community of 30 South African families.

Origin: South-Africa

Production: handmade

Seeds available

Bee-butterfly mix, forget-me-not, aromatique herbs

Research and development

Our goal is to be as circular as possible, improve biodiversity and meanwhile keep our footprint as minimal as possible. That is why we continuously pay attention to improvements in our daily operations, but also invest in research and development. Together with our research partners, we have made huge strides in recent months. At the moment, it is too early to communicate about this, but be sure to subscribe to the newsletter or follow us on our social media. That way, you will be immediately up to date with the latest developments.



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