Is it time to plant your growing cards charts and let them bloom in all their glory? Then follow the following steps carefully explained in the instructional video.

Video instructions in French

1- Making the paper wet

It is important that the paper is thoroughly soaked so that the seeds can come into contact with the water. We recommend soaking the paper in a bath of water for one or more days

2- Plant the paper
Then it is time to plant the soaked growing paper in open ground or in a pot. Use good topsoil for this and cover the paper with a layer of 1cm. For poppies and other light germinators it is best to use a fine layer of rhine sand or topsoil.
3- Keep it moist
Continue watering regularly to keep the soil moist. Please note: do not completely submerge in water and certainly do not let it dry out! The water and nutrients in the soil will aid in the germination process. Keep doing this until the sprouts emerge.
4- Take good care of the sprouts
Give the young plants the necessary care and attention: water regularly, provide the necessary warmth and sunlight, and enjoy growing life. Nature will gradually take over and provide you with beautiful flowers 🙂



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