We are a modest team of passionate people joining forces since 2019 in the projects Groeikaart.be (Dutch-speaking region), Papierensemence.be (French-speaking region) and Growingcards.be ((inter)national projects for the business market). Our mission is to offer high-quality printing on growing paper - and other growth products - to our customers in the most ecological and sustainable way possible.

We take it personal

Although almost all our communication is digital and we sell online, there is a human organisation behind it. Technology is a mere tool to efficiently provide a personalised service. Therefore, we also always try to respond very quickly and be available if there are ngo questions. Customer feedback is an important aspect in improving our organisation.


Our speciality is seed paper, from production to transformation. In other respects, we like to work with other specialists and seek a symbiosis in which everyone has a good view. For example, we have developed a network of creative graphic designers, each with their own style and character. The result is a very varied range of tickets. If you're a graphic designer and want to add an extra dimension to your authentic style on seeded paper, join us. We have developed a special Germ programme with additional options to guide you in this task.


Ghent, a lively city on the Scheldt, is our breeding ground and base for the rest of the Netherlands. Ghent is an ideal source of inspiration for new ideas and is open to innovative circular concepts. That's why it's also our test market for any new products we want to launch.

If the situation allows, we deliver the orders to Ghent ourselves by bike. This way, not only do we keep our footprint very small, but we also stay fit :-)

Circular - Zero Waste
Our recycled paper is almost 100% circular in itself. Additionally, paper decomposes in the soil and leaves no residue that is harmful to the environment. Our inks are water-soluble. Printing waste and cutting residue are reworked into fun new products (like confetti)
Carbon footprint
In the Ghent region, we deliver ourselves by bicycle to keep our footprint even lower. Outside this region, we only work with forwarders who actively pursue the same goals and offset their CO2.
Research and development

In our search for the “ideal product”, we pay great attention to research and development. The criteria we propose are no less:

  • biodegradable product 
  • increase biodiversity
  • an economically viable product
  • produce locally

We are not 100% there yet, but we will continue to strive. It is also a growth process in which we are expertly assisted by research centers, engineers and other experts.

Have we already reached our goal and can we call ourselves 100% circular, zero waste or ecological? Certainly not. It is a continuous pursuit and adjustment, based on the passion to create added value, improve biodiversity and improve our technology with a “progressive vision”. Call it a growth process.

Do you have any questions about this? Do you support our project and want to work together? So, do not hesitate to contact us !



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