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Growingcards® are plantable cards made of circular paper and enriched with flower and plant seeds. They are printed with your design, so you can hand them out and have them planted. From this then grow beautiful plants that help contribute to a better biodiversiteit.
Growingcards.be is a Belgian, innovative printing service distinguished by a unique range of seed paper products. Our expert team specializes, among other things, in print-on-demand solutions for both business customers and individuals, always striving to make a tangible impact.

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What is seed paper?

Seed paper is recycled paper enriched with flower and plant seeds. This is how you obtain printed matter that you can plant. Learn about the different types of seed paper, how to customize your design and how best to plant the seed paper

Get going!

Have your design printed on the growing paper of your choice? Choosing from our collection of greeting cards? Getting started with our growth products yourself?

Be inspired !

From flyers for businesses to original birth cards, you’ll find inspiration for your creation here.

About us

Learn more about Growingcards.be and our activities, and stay up to date with our thriving news.

Your communication on growing paper?

Do you believe in the power of growing cards and want to add an extra dimension to your message? Then tell us about your project and together let’s see how we can make it happen within your budget and schedule.

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What makes your printing on growingcards® so unique?

A Message that Continues to Grow

A growing card is a unique, lasting reminder of your business, organization or event. When the recipient plants the seeds and watches the flowers grow, your message is empowered in a positive and organic way.

Sustainability as a Core Value

Our growing cards are not only a metaphor for growth, but actually promote a greener planet. They are tangible evidence of your company’s commitment to ecological responsibility.

Marketing with Impact

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, using growth cards positions your brand as environmentally and socially responsible, a powerful message that will resonate with customers.

Interactive experience

Mhe growth cards actively involve the recipient in your message. The process of planting and caring for the flowers creates a meaningful experience that humanizes your brand and deepens the relationship with your audience.

Stay Top of Mind

Give growing cards at networking events, conferences or as part of corporate gifts, providing not only a gift but also the opportunity for recipients to cultivate a living symbol of your shared growth intentions at home or in the office.

Customers FEEDBACK

Find out why our print-on-demand printing service for ecological seed paper is the first choice. Read what clients say about their thriving results. Stay up to date on the development of new products and concepts, be inspired by testimonials, follow us on social media.

Solid, fast and of perfect quality. We had an urgent order for 500 bereavement cards. Called Saturday to ask for information and was kind + thorough and advised. Ordered Sunday night. Received proof on Monday morning. Monday evening shipment notification, package received Tuesday. The print quality is perfect, the card looks beautiful. Too beautiful to plant, perhaps… This has been a perfect experience, we are grateful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Top service! I have been working with you for 2 years and am very satisfied with the smooth communication, fast service and friendliness! Thank you for that!Maybe….
This has been a perfect experience, we are grateful.



Graphic designer, MicMacMiniscule

Very nice and pleasant experience! The communication, order and delivery were very smooth. Super nice that you are also doing deliveries via bicycle. The cards we had printed are very nice. A small beauty flaw here and there but we are very satisfied with the result.


The Mirroreer

4.9/5 review score on GOOGLE | 4/5 review score on FACEBOOK | 4.7/5 review score on TRUSTPILOT

Getting Started

Ready to grow your printing business?

Here is an overview of the most commonly used formats and concepts. If you click through on this, you can calculate your price on Groeikaart.be and order directly online. More familiar with French, please visit our French sister-site PapierEnsemence.be or mail us your request. Within a few business days you will then have your order with you.
Still need something else, you have specific questions or you want a customized quote?
Contact us and let us know what exactly you are looking for.

Most popular designsCustom

Some of the most popular

Your DESIGN printed on seed paper

Premium growth chart A6

Assorted growth paper A6

Very much used as a greeting or birth announcement card or as a personalized attention. Can be printed double- or single-sided . Possible seed mixes: butterfly bee mix, forget-me-nots, garden herbs.

  • Size A6 (148×105 mm)
  • Paper: growingcards 250g/m²

Prices from €1.76/piece
for 100 pieces

Flyer A5

Looking for a flyer that doesn’t just get thrown away but creates real impact? Then the A5 flyer on growth paper 100g/m² is what you are looking for. Choice of 8 seed mixes, from wildflowers to chili peppers!

  • Size A5 (210×105 mm)
  • Paper: seed paper 100g/m²

Prices from €0.80/piece
from 500 pieces

Flyer A5

Bookmark M

Examples growting cards bookmark M

Looking for an original paper for an invitation, thank you or other occasion, this premium growth card is the ideal medium. Available in 3 seed mixes. Fits in long envelope US size.

  • Format BLM (210×99 mm)
  • Paper: growingcards 250g/m²

Prices from €1.92/piece
for 250 pieces

Double A6

Folded card A5 to A6

Premium folded growth card with 1 fold, featuring your design and your chosen seed mix.

  • Format open: A5 (210×148 mm)
  • Size closed: A6 (105×148 mm)


Prices from €2.79/piece
for 100 pieces

A6 growth paper

A growing paper A6 full of seeds of your choice. Ideal as an insert, flyer, quick communication ,…

  • Size A6 (148×105 mm)
  • Paper: growingpaper 100g/m²

Prices from €0.65/piece
for 250 pieces

Assorted growing paper A6 FR

Business cards

Assorted business cards with seeds

Appear original and professional with these premium business cards. In this way, you are sure to make your business relationship blossom.

  • Size 84×54 mm
  • Paper: growing card 250g/m

Prices from €0.81/piece for 250 pieces

Envelopes made of seed paper

Set of plantable envelopes

Plantable envelopes made from growing paper with seed mix of wildflowers. Equipped with an adhesive strip

  • Format C6, C5 and US)
  • Paper: growth paper 100g/m²

Prices from €1.50/piece

Set of blank growing paper

Set of blank growth paper 100g field flowers

Get started yourself with unprinted A4 sheets from the growing paper of your choice.

  • Size A4 (297×210 mm)
  • Paper: seed paper 100g/m², growth charts of 200g/m² and 250g/m²


Prices starting at €12.95
per set of 10 A4

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

These original greeting cards were born from a thriving collaboration with several homegrown graphic artists. We provide the printing, they provide the beautiful designs.

  • Size A6 (148×105 mm)
  • Paper: premium growing card 250g/m²

Prices from €3.80 per card,
incl. Kraft envelope

Special programs

Some situations require special services.

Therefore, here we worked out some programs and products to meet this.

Private marketCorporate market
Mother and baby


Birth announcements are one of the most popular uses of growth charts. So are you looking for cards that won’t just end up in a drawer, but will remain as a reminder of a unique event. Then be sure to consider these solutions – we have a special process that ensures that you can expect the cards to be delivered to you very soon after the birth.

To our products and services for births on Groeikaart.be

Mother and baby


The sudden loss of a loved one often puts you through a hectic period. We take your mind off your worries by printing and delivering funeral cards quickly and qualitatively.

Contact us by phone or email to discuss your options.

Private market

Whether it is a unique event in your life – such as a birth or wedding – or you wish to send someone a small gift or invitation, an original growth card is sure to impress. On our site Groeikaart.be you can order your design fo pre-printed cards directly.

Corporate market

In times of volatile communication, these original, plantable cards are a tangible way to get your message across. Your words stick and are given time to grow. Literally and figuratively. In other words: you create IMPACT! From flyers to mailings, or printed matter specifically for your sector: we are happy to help you realise your project.
Mother and baby

Graphic designers

We strongly believe in co-creation, the pooling of skills to create authentic products and services. Our strength is in the production, development and printing of growth paper solutions. Graphic designers are strong at creating unique designs, each in their own style.
To give this win-win relationship every opportunity to develop, we created a Germination Program aimed at graphic artists from Belgium and the Netherlands

If you are a graphic designer and want to know growth charts can add value to your portfolio, request info on the Germination Program for Graphic Designers?

Printers and agencies

Agencies and printers

Printing and developing products based on growth charts is a specialty we have focused on for +5 years. That’s why printing companies and agencies rely on our expertise to deliver printed growth products qualitatively and on time.

Adding these niche products to your offerings can open doors to a growing segment of sustainable consumers and organizations looking for original, ecological value.

Let’s work together to create unique value for these consumers.



Add sustainability to your event, festival, seminar, staff party and make it a thriving memory. Choose from our unique range of growth paper products: wristbands, flyers, thank yous, invitations, …

Watching your cards grow and flourish, participants will certainly think back to your fine event.

Want to know what original concepts can help you do this?

Organizations<br />

Governments and Institutions

For governments and educational institutions, we offer a unique opportunity to integrate sustainability and environmental awareness into communications and activities. Use growth cards to mark special events, such as graduations, campaigns or municipal celebrations. Each card planted turns into flowers that attract bees and butterflies, providing a lasting reminder of your message.

Contact us to discuss the various possibilities.



The war for talent rages in full force. Attracting and retaining the right workforce is done by clearly reflecting your organization’s values.

Do you carry sustainability, personal development, working together, interaction, … high priority? Then growth cards are an ideal medium to convey this message in an eye-catching way.

 How to visualise belief in growth potential?

Team meeting

Companies and organizations

Stand out with communication that sticks. Our growingcards transform special occasions such as corporate events, product launches, and thank-yous into lasting memories that can literally grow. But they also provide compelling communication with special added value for fundraising.

Tell us about your project, and we will be happy to share our expertise with you.



For restaurants, cafes and hotels, our growth cards are a great way to make your sustainable commitment visible and give your guests a special memento. Personalise your growth cards with your own design, logo and message. Create unique cards that seamlessly match the atmosphere and look of your hospitality business.

We are happy to help you with some practical examples.

Retailer ticket sales


Looking for original cards to complement your assortment of greeting cards and appeal to sustainable consumers?

Our growth cards guarantee authentic designs by local graphic artists around popular themes or for any occasion.

Learn more about our Programme for Retailers.


About Growingcards.be

Growing your words is what we do. And that in the most sustainable and ecological way. Therefore, we focus entirely on printing and product development based on growing paper. From our home base in Ghent – and in collaboration with creatives and experts from all over Belgium – we want to offer you a beautiful range of products.

We are a modest team of passionate people joining forces since 2019 in the projects Groeikaart.be (Dutch-speaking region), Papierensemence.be (French-speaking region) and Growingcards.be ((inter)national projects for the business market). Our mission is to offer quality printing on seed paper – and other growth products – to Belgian and Dutch customers in the most ecological and sustainable way possible.

Here are some of the values we hold dear

We take it personally

Although almost all of our communication is digital and we sell online, there is a human organization behind it. Technology is a mere means to efficiently provide personalized service. Therefore, we also always try to respond very quickly and be available if there are any questions. Customer feedback is an important aspect in improving our organization.

Shoemaker stick to your last. Our specialty is growing paper, from production to processing. For other aspects, we like to work together with other specialists and look for a symbiosis in which everyone sees good footing. Thus, we have built a network of creative graphic artists, each with their own style and character. This translates into a very diverse selection of tickets.
If you are a graphic designer and want to give your authentic style an extra dimension on growing paper, join us. We have developed a special Germination Program with additional opportunities to guide you through this.
Local economy

Ghent, bustling city on the Scheldt, is our breeding ground and base of operations to the rest of Belgium and neighbouring countries. Ghent is an ideal source of inspiration for new ideas and is open to innovative circular concepts. Therefore, it is also our test market for new products we want to launch.

If the situation allows, we deliver orders ourselves in Ghent by bicycle. This not only keeps our footprint particularly low, it also keeps us in good shape 🙂

Circular - Zero waste

Our recycled paper is almost 100% circular in itself. Moreover, the paper decomposes in the ground and leaves no environmentally unfriendly residue. Our inks are water-soluble.

Printing waste and cutting scraps are reprocessed into new and fun products (such as vb confetti)

Research and Development

In our search for the “ideal product,” we pay close attention to research and development. The criteria we advocate are not minus:

  • biodegradable product
  • increasing biodiversity
  • an economically viable product
  • produce locally

We are not 100% there yet, but we continue to strive. This is another growth process in which we are expertly assisted by research centers, engineers and other experts.

Have we already reached our goal and can we call ourselves 100% circular, zero-waste or ecological? Definitely not. This is a continuous pursuit and adjustment, based on the passion to create added value, improve biodiversity and, with “progressive insight,” improve our technology. Feel free to call it a growth process.

Do you have any questions about this? Do you support our project and want to collaborate? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact us

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Friday: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

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